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Corporate Programs

Build profitability with one of HumorTech’s custom-designed improv comedy programs

In today’s chaotic and fast-moving business environment, employees and their feelings can get left behind or even forgotten. When their morale goes down, company profits often do too.

To keep your employees performing at their optimum creativity and maximize productivity, HumorTech has a variety of programs to help renew their spirits and help restore your bottom line. Choose from this list or ask us about tailoring a special program to more specifically meet your needs. 

  • Business Improv: adapting to fast-paced changes with humor

  • The rapid pace of changes taking place into today’s business environment can leave managers and employees feeling unstable or even immobile as their comfort zones are challenged on a daily basis. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your company back on track is to give them some humorous tools for coping with big changes. Not only do these simple skills rebuild your rapport with your staff, but they also build stronger bonds and give them a willingness to stretch into new, unexplored areas of risk and expansion.

  • Pump Up Productivity: providing new laughways to success

  • If your company has been downsizing, upsizing, going IPO, or encountering other major internal shifts, chances are your productivity has slowed down. If you’d like to get those creative and productive juices flowing at your company again, try this hilarious exercise extravaganza program. As your employees "make the connection" between having fun and physical fitness, workplace output and bottom line profits have a much better chance of increasing. Make your company a place where employees want to be and a place where they love contributing to its success.

  • Business Theatrics: putting your company in the spotlight

  • If your company seems to have lost its ability to concentrate on short-term or long-term goals or it just needs to refocus on where it’s going, this interactive program can help build a supportive and co-creative work culture. Techniques in this program let your staff produce, direct and perform in an improvisational comedy show about their company. It opens up more creativity and encourages employees to work more closely as each person begins to see the company and their coworkers in a whole new theatrical light.

  • A Pageant of Success: showing off new concepts in customer service

  • The pageant utilizes a typical beauty-pageant structure to improve customer service, sales and marketing. When your staff sees these new ideas acted out in a comedic setting, they’ll not only remember them more readily but they’ll embrace them and use them more enthusiastically. Discover this powerful new way to emphasize important values.

  • Circus More Play: creating arenas your employees will love performing in

  • One of the toughest assignments facing managers today is to create an environment where employees want to work together and make the company a success. If you’d like to get your team-building efforts off to a good start, try this lighthearted, interactive circus program that supports employees in creating a lively atmosphere that promotes a feeling of camaraderie and a sense of trust. The whole company will come away laughing and feeling a stronger sense of community.


To book Terry for an event, discuss a customized program, or just get more information, you can contact her by email or call her at (650)224-9181 in Redwood City, CA (USA) between 10am and 6pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.

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