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Comedy Kids

Principals, teachers and parents...

Find out how to unleash your child's brilliance with improv in Comedy Kids!

A fascinating enrichment series of classes for kids 5 to 13, Comedy Kids demonstrates that "if you can improvise, you can do anything"!

Taught exclusively in Bay Area schools by nationally-recognized improv professional Terry Sand, Comedy Kids introduces your children to the world of improvisational theater games and helps them build and expand their:

  • confidence level
  • communication skills
  • teamwork abilities
  • creative thinking
  • self-esteem
In this eight-week series of classes for school-aged children, improv games will motivate them to simultaneously learn theatrical writing, directing and acting. What's more, the immediacy of improv leads to instant success without rote preparation. Simple improv games draw out each child's innate talents and abilities.

These classes also provide classroom group performance opportunities every week for eight weeks by gently encouraging:

  • A natural sense of play which unlocks humor and imagination
  • Collaborative and spontaneous art forms which build dynamic problem-solving and social skills
  • Relationships and friendships where it's safe to have fun, take risks, and receive applause
  • An inner trust of accepting the first idea as the right idea and finding out where it leads

In short, Comedy Kids develops simple but powerful skills and abilities that last a lifetime!

Improv teacher and motivational speaker Terry Sand brings a wealth of fun and experience to Bay Area students and schools

"When a child learns how to perform improv theater, the lighthearted environment motivates and invigorates self-acceptance. The results are amazing!"

Originally, Terry trained as a teacher, receiving both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Modern Dance and Theater from U.C.L.A.

Upon graduating in 1977, she was introduced to improvisation comedy and studied under some of the best teachers in San Francisco, including John Crenna, John Cantu and John Elk. Starting in 1978, she performed in professional improv troupes including Papaya Juice, Femprov and the Fisheads.

Over the last ten years, Terry has kept her skills fresh and sharp by doing motivational speaking about the importance of humor in the workplace at some of the nation's leading companies and teaching improv locally to adults. She has also performed with and directed both The Red Herrings and The HumorTech Players.

In addition to that, Terry is a wife and mother of a 10-year-old daughter. In an effort to pass the "improv torch" on to her daughter and the next generation, Terry began teaching classes at her daughter's private school in Foster City. The results were evident and both the parents and school invited her to return.

If you live in the Bay Area, now your child or school can benefit too. Ask your school or principal to invite Terry Sand to put together a class for your students.


To book Terry for an event, discuss a customized program, or just get more information, you can contact her by email or call her at (650)224-9181 in Redwood City, CA (USA) between 10am and 6pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.

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